Bath salts / Lavender Land

Bath salts / Lavender Land

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Bath salts / Lavender Land


Scent of lavender and vanilla for a perfect me-time!

format: 212ml

Handcrafted in Quebec with all my love!❤️ Natural ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals


Add 3 to 4 tablespoons in the bath & relaxeeee!

Storage: Store your products in a dark, cool and dry place for better preservation.


-Epsom salt

-baking soda

-White clay



Manufacturing date: early December 2020


* Colors can stain clothes (especially blue)

* Do not apply near the eyes or in the eyes

* Does not replace a cream prescribed by a healthcare professional.

* Test any new product on a small area of the skin and discontinue use if you have a reaction!

* for external use only **


Your little wonders will be sent to you in ecological packaging.

-The "peanut" (the little white things) are biodegradable, you just have to put them in water so that they melt.It's full magic ✨